All these will need to be picked up in Thomasville, Georgia. Please email us mail@bunnylops.com if you are interested. Our phone number is 229-227-6262.

Used Equipment:

20 blue plastic handy hay racks, $1 each

Nestboxes that are pictured have been SOLD

Extra floors for 8 1/2” x 14 1/2” nestboxes, 50¢ each

Plastic foot rests have been SOLD

One grooming shelf w/carpet, $7

IMG 7646

Various bowls and crocks, $1 - $2 each

IMG 7641

EquaTaTwo tattoo pen with instructions & ink, $30

Rabbit/ferret jogging vest harness and leash, $7

IMG 7648

Also miscellaneous items. 

Questions? mail@bunnylops.com